History of Kokko1721 residency

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The founders of Kokko1721 residency

Jukka Ristolainen

Jukka graduated in 2002 from the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Department of Dance. Since then he has worked as an independent dance artist. The artistic work of Jukka Ristolainen is a process that is a continuum from the everyday life to a contemporary dance work. His work is emphasised by the site-spesific thinking and he often deals with the concept of time in his works. Taking dance-art to new venues and to new audiences is important for him.

Saila Reiniö

Saila is an independent dance artist. She has studied also Hatha Yoga at The Yoga Federation Of Finland. She has a strong intuition to connect the wisdom of yoga and the knowledge of new dance in her work and in her yoga lessons.

Jukka Ristolainen

Saila reiniö


2002 - The story begins with the idea of combining dance art and rural lifestyle. Jukka and Saila lived for four years in the backwoods of South Savo by the Lake Saimaa.

2006 - Kokko farm was bought and permaculture was the starting point of living and creating art. During the years Kokko was visited by several artists from all over the world.

2012 - Kokko1721 became registered organisation and the residency was officially established by Jukka and Saila.

2013-2014 - Kokko1721 was part of Nordic Kedja Wilderness residency programme.

2013 -2017 - Jukka is hosting Kokko1721 on his own and the residency is receiving artists on a regular basis. Kokko1721 as a rural place for artistic work is gaining interest both nationally and internationally among artists.

2018 - Nowadays the residency is run by Jukka Ristolainen and Maija Tuomi and welcoming artists to get experienced by the nature of Kokko1721.


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